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The free resources are in the blog. The blog is organized in two ways:

First, there’s the categories and here’s what every category means:

Second, there’s the tags. Tags are topics.

For instance, if the topic is ‘gratitude’ and the category is ‘the armory’ you’ll find articles with useful tools to practice gratitude.

How to develop a Gratitude Practice

How to Hero: Your Gratitude Practice 8 years ago, I bought a car. It was a lovely Toyota Aygo. A red one, with white stripes. Best racing car ever. It went by the name Chuckie. Named after Chuck Norris, not the creepy doll.   Anyway, all of a sudden I would see Aygos...

Why Heroes practice Gratitude

The hero cookbook, ingredient 1: Gratitude My mum is just like any other mum: “Why haven't you finished your food? You should be grateful you've got enough to eat!” I think most of us have heard that one. And it's always made me feel rebellious: “You don't get to tell...

5 Heroic Ways to deal with Obstacles

I used to think heroes are able to fix any problem instantly and without outside help. I couldn't (shock, I discovered I'm actually human). Which left me feeling pretty shitty about myself. But as I did some research I discovered there's very few heroes that instantly...