What's your story?

You want to be a hero. Contribute to a better world. But maybe you don’t feel very heroic. Maybe you feel stuck. Exhausted. A loser.

Fear not! Cliffhanger is here to help you get a grip on the story of your life. Business, relationships and everyday happiness: I’ll teach you how to defeat the princess and get the dragon.

Ready to write of your own happily ever after?

See that girl on the dragon?

I love her! She’s so happy and energetic, her life is one big adventure. Well, there was a time when I was NOTHING like her. Instead of flying high, I would get panic attacks and bang my head against the wall, not knowing how to fix myself. I would drive my boyfriend crazy asking him for reassurance. I would feel like a total failure.

Then, I discovered a simple truth: I’m the only person able to change my own story. I learned how to be my own princess and my own knight. Found the tools to deal with the monsters. Discovered my quest and made life an adventure. And now? Now, that girl on the dragon is me!

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I’m an artist but wanted to land a gig doing science experiments with kids. Marianna helped me reframe my story. Reading my story the way she told it, I felt I’m more awesome than I ever thought I was. Oh, and… I got the job! Leonie van Dijk

Artist turned Science Teacher

I’m a musician and a producer for eclectic music. Marianna made me realize how branding is essential in attracting my fans and helped me to zoom in on qualities that make me unique. Now, I have a much better grasp of how I can deliver my music to precisely those people who love what I do. Jerke van der Braak

Musician & Producer

I’ve spent tons of money on marketing, but I still wasn’t sure how I could communicate my ideas to the world. Thanks to Marianna’s advice my business is doing better than ever. I surpass my own expectations!

Joke Noorendaal

Trainer, PauwerAcademie

Enter the Dungeon

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